we understand
choose to prevent

As individuals unite and live a shared goal, maintaining safe environments, zerocovid.spaces emerge. These safe spaces, though fragile, require vigilance and optimization, engaging all Spacers. To reach our goal, we remain steadfast, always using multiple layers of action.

1. We protect autonomously, knowing how to use efficient masks.

2. We safeguard our spaces, utilizing sensitive testing and mutual trust.

3. We establish a safe space within, ensuring the air we breathe is clean.

your actions, your safety!

Because it works for everyone. Our first shield outside spaces - a well-fitting, high-quality mask.

... and we know how to use it

testing boundaries define your spaces!

Utilizing molecular workflows to selectively safeguard our safe within.

the air is correct - changable

Viruses spread in the air like smoke to every corner of a room. It takes just seconds to breathe in to get infected. Until we use our tools. To clean the air we breathe together - efficient air purifiers.